Important Attributes of Fully Automatic Die Casting Machine
Important Attributes of Fully Automatic Die Casting Machine

fully automatic die casting machine, aluminum ingot casting machine

A fully automatic die casting machine is generally built using the best quality components and materials. You can find these machines in four varieties which include 80, 120, 180 and 250 ton capacity. The best thing about these machines is that they can be operated manually and on semi-automatic basis. They are perfectly suitable for the mass production of different varieties of die-cast components like toys, electricals, automobile, home appliances and measuring instruments.

fully automatic die casting machine

The main features of an aluminum ingot casting machine include:

  • 3-stage injection system that makes way for improved efficiency. The first stage is for slow alloy transfers; second for material injection and third for metal squeezing in the mould in semi-solidification condition.
  • These rapid machines are built in exclusive design. They feature piston-type accumulators which are long life systems with rare nitrogen recharging and negligible breakdowns caused due to gas charging.
  • The floating pistons in these machines serve as barriers between oil and nitrogen chambers. They work in the form of dampers and because of extra gravitational force; they go a long way in enhancing injection force. All this together helps in the improvement of the job quality.
  • aluminum ingot casting machine

    The die casting machines are specifically designed to exert low working pressure resulting in improved tonnage potential and reduced strain.

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