Ingot casting device
Ingot casting device


The device and centers essential for ingot casting operations may be divided into 3 categories: manner device, unique mechanical device and auxiliary centers. Process device consists of tapping trough, ladle, ingot vehicle, center injection pipe, backside plate, ingot mildew, warmness renovation cap, etc.; unique mechanical device consists of ingot crane, complete mildew crane, ladle vehicle or floor casting machine, slag tank vehicle, Stripping crane, floor stripping machine, stripping device, capping machine, brushing machine, hydraulic cleansing machine, oiling machine, metal ingot mildew and ground spraying machine, ground tilting machine, insulation board set up machine, unique chain for the entire mildew Type scraper, etc.; auxiliary centers consist of ingot casting platform, tank restore pit, argon blowing station, hydraulic station, entire mildew operation platform, thermal insulation board set up movable platform, metal ingot mildew spray cooling room or metal ingot mildew water cooling pool, metal ingot mildew cooling bed (Air cooling), metal drum baking and heating device, etc. The development and innovation of ingot casting device is the premise for the development of ingot casting era. The most important function of the improvement of contemporary-day ingot casting device era is the non-stop expansion of device and the slow mechanization and automation of operation.



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