Aluminium induction furnace
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GreenVinci aluminium induction furnace is a Crucible furnace, with burning, melting, insulation capabilities , is currently the most perfect design, highest degree of automation, with a number of patented melting furnace. Mainly used in melting or smelting aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, cadmium and other low-melting non-ferrous metals and alloys, and supporting the use of die-cast function well; also can be used for liquid aluminum insulation, in addition to gas, refining. With the advantage of high acceptance by operators , environmental friendly ,low operating cost, simple operation and maintenance .

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Application Range :
The Aluminium induction furnace Widely supporting mechanical and aluminum die-casting plant, adapted to industrial aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, cadmium and other low melting point non-ferrous metals melting and insulation, but also as aluminum scrap, industrial aluminum and various metal scrap melting into the ingots.

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1. Aluminium induction furnace equipment parameters:

Model Crucible(kg) Melting capacity(kg) Total power Match model
GYP-200 200 60-80 50-60 160-280
GYP-300 300 80-120 50-60 280-400
GYP-460 450 120-180 80-100 400-630
GYP600 600 180-220 100-120 630-800

2. Aluminium induction furnace size parameter table: (this size only for reference)

Model Specification(mm)
a b c d c f
GYP-200 1540 1530 490 1290 1100 600
GYP-300 1580 1580 530 1330 1150 650
GYP-460 1680 1650 650 1430 1220 720
GYP600 1630 1960 580 1380 1530 1230

3. E quipment characteristics:

(1) electric power as an energy non-contact heating, tons of aluminum melting cost of about four hundred kilowatt hour, is one of the most clean energy recognized by the state environmental protection department.

(2) Aluminium induction furnace body structure is strong, the internal grade refractory material, durable and durable, the outside temperature of the furnace body is not higher than 60 degrees.

(3) configuration. Dynamic inductance identification technology, built in fuzzy PID closed loop control module, the most accurate intelligent collection of the most efficient operation frequency, induction heating power supply does not heat, continuous failure free operation.

(4) full digital phase locked, real time voltage, current, power calculation, constant power output,

(5) the temperature control system uses the artificial intelligence temperature controller, the temperature is accurate, the analog quantity electric current, the switch output, the intellectualized control.

(6) advanced design, won a number of patent certificates, with leakage of aluminum water power safety protection, not because of the heating of the original short circuit and burning, no noise, no sound, no radiation harmful magnetic field.

(7) crucible material with silicon carbide graphite crucible, the service life can reach more than half a year.

(8) humanized design, small footprint, simple operation, no maintenance and maintenance.

(9) the whole machine cost less, and easy to purchase

(10) can be customized according to the client's 160-800 ton model, and can be used in conjunction with automatic soup machine.


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