aluminium ingot making machine
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Product name:aluminum ingot production line
Product usage:Used to produce aluminum ingots automatically



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The biomass furnace crucible is designed with a special flow channel, and the melted aluminum in the pot can be automatically flowed to the aluminum ingot production line by automatically opening and closing of runners. The aluminum ingot is automatically stripped, without manual aluminum scooping and turning aluminum ingot molds. The whole process is automatic operation, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces the production intensity and safety risks of operators

Aluminium Scrap Melting Process | Aluminium Ingot Manufacturer

Specification of scrap metal melting furnace

Items Qty Specification
Auto Alu ingot making machine 1set Ingot mould:108pcs Unit pc:5.5kg,Total length:12m capacity:3T/hr
The chain distance is 16 cm, the shunt is 6 minutes, and the chain plate thickness is 6mm
Biomass Alu scrap furnace 1set
Electric control box 1set
Air-cooled motor 1set Power 1.5kw
Frequency converter 1set Power of motor:4kw
Aluminum Dross Processing 1set

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