Biomass Pellet Fired Aluminum Melting Furnace
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Wood pellet fired aluminum melting furnace, wood pellet automatically feeding into the chamber, burning produces high-temperature gas. It is of high efficiency and low operating cost.

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1. Product Introduction of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace
Biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace is mainly used for melting aluminum and heat preservation, also can be used for low-melting-point nonferrous metals and alloy such as zinc, stannum, copper, plumbum, cadmium for melting and heat preservation. Because of using the wood pellet as green combustion fuel, this metal melting furnace has advantages of high heat efficiency, simple construction, user-friendly control, low power consumption etc.

Electric Aluminum Melting Furnace


2. Product Parameter of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace

Item no. Melting capacity Liquid alu capacity Die-casting machine Power Size(LxWxH)
GV-300-AL 100kg/h 300kg 180T-350T 0.75kw 1700 1600 1770
GV-500-AL 150kg/h 500kg 350T-500T 0.75kw 1800 1600 1800
GV-800-AL 180kg/h 800kg 500T-630T 1.3kw 2000 1900 2150
GV-1000-AL 300kg/h 1000kg / / 2500 2500 1800

3. Configuration of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace
Operative fuel: 6-10mm wood pellet Crucible capacity: 300kg / 500kg / 800kg Feeding system: Automatic /Manual Damper adjustment: Automatic /Manual Ignition system: Automatic /Manual Control system: PLC
Chamber temperature: ≦ 1200 ℃
Pot temperature: ≦ 700 ℃
Flame control: size of the fire can be set
Completely melted Time: 3-4 hours the first pot, 2 hours from the second
Other features: Inspection window in hopper, replaceable circle observation port in chamber, emergency stops, operation mode switching


4. Product Feature of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace
1) Structure: This biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace is composed of furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace cover, crucible, feeding system, temperature control system, and aluminum leakage alarm device;
2) Biomass pellet fired aluminum melting Furnace shell is ring-shaped, welded by steel plate and section steel;
3) Furnace lining is made of high alumina refractory brick, light-weight insulating brick and aluminum silicate fiber cotton. This energy-saving type furnace lining structure has advantages of fast temperature rising, excellent heat preservation performance, remarkable energy saving effect;
4) The crucible can be graphite crucible or stainless steel crucible according to user's needs. The advantage of graphite crucible: excellent thermal conductivity and high-temperature resistance performance, strong corrosion resistance;
5) The furnace is controlled by intelligent digital display, have functions of temperature
control, over-temperature alarming, automatic power off protection etc, can ensure a precise and reliable temperature control;
6) aluminum leakage alarm device are installed at the bottom of furnace, easy and rapid to replace, can protect the furnace effectively;


5. Production Details of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace


6. Economic Analysis of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace
Take a 280 T die casting machine for example, 24 hours a day production, one day out of 4,000 die; 400g per modulo calculation; daily consumption of aluminum liquid 1600kg; work 30 days a month, working 300 days a year total.
The following is the cost comparison of various fuels: (USD)

Fuel Electricity Diesel Gas Biomass
Heat value 860kcal/KW 10200/kg 8500kcal/Nm3 4000kcal/kg
Unit price 0.13/kw 1.2/kg 0.69/Nm3 0.15/kg
Fuel consumption /T alu.liquid 500Kw 100kg 120Nm3 250kg
Cost/T 65 120 83 37
Melting alu.liquid per day 1.6T
Cost/day 104 192 133 59
Cost saving/day 45 133 74
Cost saving/month 1350 3990 2220
Cost saving/year 13,500 39,900 22,200
Cost saving% 43% 69% 55%

7. Product Qualification of the wood pellet fired aluminum melting furnace

8. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace

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