Blade polishing machine
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This blade polishing machine is a large and medium-sized flat plate, square tube surface polishing equipment, such as stainless steel, iron stamping parts, square tube products. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, high safety and high efficiency.

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Product Detail
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Specifications and parameters

Item Specification
Size (L*W*Hmm): 1200×1500×1500mm
Motor power: main motor 7.5kW , 1PCS
auxiliary motor: 0.55kw , 2PCS
Applicable consumables: nylon wheel, thousand blade wheel, hemp wheel and cloth wheel.
Specification of consumables: outer diameter 300 × inner hole opposite side 32mm hexagonal hole × 500mm.
Application scope: flat plate within 500 × 500 × 1.5-50mm
Weight 1500kg
When installing the polishing wheel, the width of the polishing wheel should be wider than the width of the workpiece and the position should be consistent, and the screws should be tightened;
Adjust the lifting position so that the distance between the polishing wheel and the worktable is appropriate to the thickness and size of the workpiece;
Turn on the wheel axle to check whether the rotation direction of the polishing wheel is correct. According to the length of the workpiece, adjust the position of the limit switch;
According to the swing amplitude, adjust the cam position of the reducer beside the worktable, adjust the screw of the pressing plate to make the pressing plate compress the workpiece;
When placing the workpiece, the workpiece must be placed in the width of the polishing wheel. Start the swing switch, the automatic switch, the polishing wheel and the worktable switch.


Tips for maintenance:
1: Since this machine is a sanding equipment, its working environment is worse than ordinary mechanical equipment. In order to prolong the service life of the equipment, it is recommended to work no more than eight hours a day.
2: Before starting each shift, pull the rotating parts by hand to check whether there is any jamming phenomenon. If there is a jamming, it should be corrected.
3: The replacement and maintenance of electrical parts must be completed by qualified electrical operators.
4: Check the operating status of the machine and clean up environmental debris before each shift
5: After each shift, the machine and site must be cleaned up.
6: Fill the spindle bearing and adjustment bearing with lithium-based lubricant regularly every month


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