Ceiling Fan cover Buffing machine
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The ceiling fan cover polishing machine is suitable for small and medium sized round, conical product surface polishing or sanding equipment, such as pot, plate, cup, cover and other products. It has reliable performance, high safety and high efficiency.

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Product Detail
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I. S pecification and parameters :

Product size: 1880×1220×1760mm
Motor power: total power 7.2KW 380V 50Hz
Applicable consumables: multi-leaf wheel, nylon wheel, sisal wheel, cloth wheel
Consumables size: multi-leaf wheel, nylon wheel, sisal wheel, cloth wheel belowφ250-350mm, aperture:φ38mm
Applicable range: adapt circular workpieces belowφ200mm transverse plane and cylindrical polishing

II. Main Structure
Body: support polishing wheel and shield and install main motors
Wheel parts: Motor drives the polishing wheel. You can not only install sisal wheel or cloth wheel in the shaft, but also multi-leaf wheel and nylon wheel.
Shield parts : It helps to prevent objects flying out and hurting human body in polishing procedure.
Workbench parts: push workpieces into the polishing wheel under the action of the cylinder. After finishing polishing the workbench will send them out. The secondary motor drives workpieces to rotate.
Electric control parts: Using the button to control the whole machine to start or stop (with auto and manual function) .Polishing time can be adjusted by the screen in the electric box
Fixture parts: clamp or loosen workpieces. Fixture clamps workpieces by sucking air out and loosen them by blowing air.
Compensation parts: If the polishing wheel wears, you can use wrench to pull the carriage to compensate.
You can adjust the angle of the polishing wheel to adapt the angle of the workpiece by loosening post arc slot screws.

Manufacturing Process Of Ceiling Fan | Ceiling Fan Manufacturing Process

III. Production capacity

The cycle time of each workpiece is 10-20S, depends on product size and polishing surface requirement.

Machine advantage:
1.automation and High security
2.Adjustable efficiency according to needs
3.The processing efficiency is high and the labor cost is low when the auto method for polishing fan cover is used,also the processing precision can be guarantee.


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