Inner ring polishing machine
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Specification and parameters :
Product size : 1760×1100×1300mm
Total weight:450kg
Motor power: Main motor 2.2KW, auxiliary motor :100W
Applicable consumables: multi-leaf wheel, nylon wheel, sisal wheel, cloth wheel
Consumables size:
Polish inner ring ,multi-leaf wheel, nylon wheel, sisal wheel, cloth wheel belowφ50mm;
Polish outer ring,multi-leaf wheel, nylon wheel, sisal wheel, cloth wheel OD belowφ300mm( Product OD < φ32mm )

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Product Detail
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I. Main Structure
Body: support polishing wheel and shield and install main motors
Wheel parts: Motor drives the polishing wheel. You can not only install sisal wheel or cloth wheel in the shaft, but also multi-leaf wheel and nylon wheel.
Adjusting part: Used to adjust Angle when polishing straight body or cone.
Shield parts: It helps to prevent objects flying out and hurting human body in polishing procedure.
Electric box part: PLC control system is used.
When the display screen displays automatically, put the workpiece on the fixture, press the foot switch or switch, the workpiece rotates, the cylinder drives the drag plate forward, the cylinder drives the drag plate to move left and right, after the polishing wheel polishes the surface of the workpiece, the drag plate moves to the right back to the origin, the drag plate moves back, the workpiece stops rotating, release the fixture to take out the workpiece.

II.Production capacity

The cycle time of each workpiece is 5-10S , depends on product size and polishing surface requirement .
1 to 8 pieces of work pieces can be installed at the same time (the outer diameter should be the same size).

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