Multi-station heating plate casting machine
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Multi-station heating plate casting machine is the most efficient combination of making heating plate, Multi-stations casting machine,automatic ladle and energy-saving electric furnace.
Auto ladle coordinate with mult-stations casting machine to improve product-quality and productivity.compared with manual one, electric furnace utilize high temperature refractory material with exquisite appearance which can supply high quality melted aluminum.

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I. Working principle:
The multi-station heating plate casting machine of aluminum and aluminum alloy is the technology and method of injecting liquid metal into the high-speed rotating mold through the manipulator, so that the liquid metal can fill the mold and form the free surface of the casting in the radial direction due to the centrifugal movement, and the inner hole of the cylindrical mold can be obtained without the core, which is helpful to remove the gas and inclusion inside the liquid metal that affects the process of metal crystallization , thus improving the mechanical and physical properties of castings.


Ⅱ. Scope of application
multi-station heating plate casting machine Suitable for high efficiency production of heating plate of electric pressure cooker, electric kettle, electric rice cooker.


Ⅲ. Specifications
1. Main configuration of automatic centrifugal aluminum casting machine:
Mold with claw, rotation size within 500mm.
The diameter of the turntable is 1700 mm * the thickness is 35 mm ±1 mm. The thickness of the mould can be ± 10 mm. The connection position of the mold is subject to the mold template.
2. Main configuration of electric cabinet:
low voltage electrical apparatus with complete set of Schneider low voltage apparatus. Mitsubishi PLC from Japan and touch screen from Taiwan. The mould motor is equipped with Jiangsheng 3. KW motor. Rotary table rotation, Ladle Machine with servo motor.


Ⅳ. Features
1. With the design of turntable and manipulator, four sets of hollow heating plates (200 ~ 1500W) with different sizes, powers and weights can be produced at the same time.
2. High efficiency, less mold change time. Four sets of heating plates of different sizes are produced at the same time, and the production per shift can reach 2500 PCs.
3. If the customer's product is single and the output is relatively large, we can customize it according to the customer's requirements, and produce four sets of products of the same size, and one shift output can reach 2500 PCs. (choose four models before customization, the same or different models)


Product advantage:
4. According to the customer's existing mold design, only do small mold changes, do not need to have too much investment in the mold.
5. According to the customer's mold design, the design of associated ejector pin can be customized, which can reduce the time for operators to knock the thimble and improve the production efficiency.
6. One energy-saving electric melting and holding furnace produced by us can be used for two automatic centrifugal aluminum casting machines at the same time. The output of one furnace and two machine shifts can reach about 5000 PCs, which can save energy maximally.

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