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GreenVinci rotor casting machine is the most advanced and efficient ceiling fan rotor casting machine.

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1. Product Introduction
Rotor casting machine is a centrifugal casting of aluminum and Aluminum Alloy molding machine. The liquid metal enters into the mold through the high-speed rotation of the manipulator, the liquid metal centrifugal movement full of casting and casting forming technology and method , the free surface of the metal centrifugal motion can be well formed and full of casting the casting in the radial direction, suitable for ceiling fan rotor cast aluminum production efficiency.

2. Main configuration parameters

Item Specification
Size(L*W*Hmm) 1650* wide 1300* high 1350mm
Drive energy electric power, voltage 380V + -10%, frequency 50HZ + -3% (or customized)
Power hydraulic system 4kw, centrifugal rotation system 7.5kW, a total of 11.5kw.
Cooling mode: water cooling, (can use circulating water)
Open and close mode: hydraulic lift (automatic adjustment according to the thickness of the rotor plate ).
Efficiency 12 seconds /pcs
Speed: 1450r/min (according to customer requirements)
Mould size acceptance: ≦Φ300MM , High 150mm (Acceptance of ceiling rotor height <20MM ).
Machine guaranteed 1 years, no wearing parts (such as seals).

3. Product features
rotor casting machine PK traditional machine :
(1)Capacity can be increased 3-4 times.Traditional die casting generally requires two workers to operate, and it takes about 36 s to produce 1PC rotor, while using our centrifuge only takes 12-15s and only one worker to operate, so the labor cost can be greatly saved.The production capacity is about 200-250pc per hour, and 5,000-6000pc per day 24 hours. Some skilled workers can produce one rotor in 10S and 7,000 rotors per day.
(2)The qualified rate of the product is higher, up to 99.9%.
(3) Equipment investment is low. There are about 28570 USD to 42860 USD for pressure die-casting machines, and our centrifugal die casting machine only need 1/3 of the cost .
(4) Low after-sales maintenance costs, almost no after-sales costs.Only need to replace some sealing rings, belt, bearing regularly.

Advantages compared with the same product in the market
1.The machine has stable performance and can be used normally for 5-8 years;
2.More Safety: our machine is with protective cover to avoid Aluminum liquid splashing. And with light curtain to avoid injury due to operator's mistake

8. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the biomass pellet fired aluminum melting furnace

5. FAQ
1) Is it pneumatic or hydraulic or hydro pneumatic.
This is to know whether I require some compressor or not.
It is hydraulic system, it has oil pump.

2) What are the power electricity motor specifications.
Total power consumption 11.5kw, including hydraulic system and centrifugal spin system

3) What kind of water cooling is there on your machine do I require some cooling tower. What advantage does it offer to us.
No need water cooling tower. Just need water pipe one in and one out.

4) Does your rates include machine erection and installation.
The price is not including machine erection and installation. The round way ticket, accommodation for hotel and food, outdoor allowance 60usd/day by customer

5) What is the max size of rotor can your machine accept?
Rotor outer dia 127~220mm, height <20mm

6)What is failures and solution? Any quick-wearing parts?
Very few problems. Only need to replace some sealing rings, belt, bearing regularly


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