What are the Benefits of a Rotor casting machine?
What are the Benefits of a Rotor casting machine?

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Summary: You will learn about the benefits of the Rotor casting machine in the following press release.

A silicon-free alloy not as smooth as the smoothest alloy is used to make rotors in die-casting, regardless of whether you use horizontal or vertical machines. Using liquid lubricants makes this problem significantly worse, as they require long drying stages, which lower the temperature of the dies.

It eliminates the drying process and reduces porosity to improve electrical properties, making the Dry Lub System the best tool for your production needs.

Cost Savings:

It has been proven that rotor casting can save money in preparation for the process and during it. Molds are relatively inexpensive, and there is no waste material since all materials are used to make the part. Short production runs can also be economically feasible.


We explain that, unlike other molding processes, rotational molding can design almost any shape. In addition, we clarify that products can range in size from Ping-Pong balls to tanks that can hold 21,000 gallons.

Additionally, the process produces uniform wall thickness; the ability of the process to take the form and texture of the mold creates high-quality surface finishing; finally, high-quality graphics can be molded onto the product's surface.


The Plastics Professionals discuss the advantages of rotor casting, including tooling that is less expensive and quicker to produce than blow molding.


Other than what we've already mentioned, rotor casting can be used to produce complicated shapes, moving parts, and parts made from a variety of different materials. In the rotor casting process, metal inserts can be accepted, and the possibility of obtaining additional inserts. This process also creates multi-layered walls.

Overall, there are many advantages to the rotor casting process. Its versatility in terms of design and component compatibility allows for the creation of products that serve a variety of industries.

Among our many products is THT high-pressure rotor casting machines, Gas fired aluminum melting furnace, and Fan cover centrifuge die casting machine. We have sold and delivered casting machines up to thousands of tons to customers worldwide.

Customers can save 18 months of startup time by purchasing high-quality used THT casting machines instead of buying new ones. This gives our customers a strategic competitive advantage. In addition, a quality used cast machine offers the advantage of quick delivery times and affordability. We also accept trade-ins along with paying cash for surplus machines.

Give us a call if you need a qualified electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical technician to work on your rotor cast machine. We have a list of experienced technicians and contractors worldwide and are happy to share their contact information.

Let our years of experience and the list of service providers we have compiled help you rigging, moving, and shipping rotor casting machines.

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